Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a new year and I'm feeling good

It's officially 2015. I know I've grown a lot since last year. And I can honestly say I'm happy with all that I did learn. I went from rooming with a... Not so honest person in a little apartment, to moving back home with my mom. Finally had the strength and realization that not everyone in my life is worth fighting for, especially when the truth was they never deserved me around anyway. I love life. And I am so thrilled to push forward. I love my family and my amazing friends. You have to allow yourself to be free. Be FREE and then you'll fine inner peace and confidence. I'm happy. And when I say it I actually mean it. I don't have to worry about the people that hurt me, they no longer exist. I don't have to do anything that doesn't make me happy. I found strength in saying enough is enough! Happy New year everyone! 

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