Monday, January 5, 2015

Clearer skin! I can dig it.

So as you all may know, or at least hopefully you read my previous skin update; I was trying new products in my regimen to clear up my adult acne. What I found causing it:

My hormones are evil as crap. 
It is what it is, I've cut back on foods that are packed in hormones to see if that helped. I keep a close look at my skin when my period comes because that's when my skin looks it's worst. Sure enough, I noticed my skin is way more fabolous before Mother Nature bitch slaps me. 

I drink water more. I'll be honest... I still haven't been consistin. When I am, I not only look better, but feel better (go figure)

I only use makeup geared for my skin type. No more forcing the obvious into myself. Heavy and dewy, is a no no for muah. 

I cut back on sugars! BIG difference for me.

Finally products: 

Nip and fab (cleanser and wipes)
African black soap

Glamglow (clearing treatment) 
Even though they both contain the salicylic acid, it doesn't irritate me as much, and I think my Clarisonic pulling out everything is the main reason it's able to allow the masks to work better as opposed to blowing my skin up with more acne. 

The nip and fab glycolic cleanser is my new holy grail. I started using the glycolic wipe first, and even with the wipes there was a huge improvement with my skin. After two weeks, I was convinced, if the wipes cleared my skin, what would the cleanser do? I went ahead and ordered two bottles of the cleanser from ulta. But before using the cleansers, I wanted to give my Clarisonic ONE last try. I've read reviews that people would get horrible break outs when using this item. I took a leap of faith and thought maybe if I went and purchased the deep pore brush head, (since I clearly had deep pores and acne skin) that it might work better for me. I was terrified that the brush head would bring everything to a head and is have worse acne than before. It took me a few days to actually get the courage to use it. Low and behold... It worked. In fact I see my skin looks completely different when I don't use it! I paired my new favorite nip and fab cleanser with the Clarisonic and it's now my very own customer skin care package. I love it. Love is actually an understatement. I actually leave the house with no make up even with tiny blemishes and love my skin! It's far from perfect but it's improved so much! I'm officially... A fan of nip and fab and Clarisonic. 

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