Thursday, October 23, 2014

Building confidence

No matter how old I get, I still find myself looking in the mirror not happy with the way I look. Although my adult acne lessens ( like I mention before, if you didn't know, I've never had super harsh acne, or bad skin until I graduated high school.) with personal insecurities, failed dating, nasty "jokes" from family.. It's no wonder I find myself crying thinking "why can't I be beautiful like the other girls?" I cry sometimes thinking "how is it that such horrible people find love?" I tell myself that you can't possibly compare myself to everyone or I'll explode. Granted it's easier said and done, I do try. I work out now and then, cry when I need to cry, and try to stay busy to avoid my horrible habit of over thinking. You can't be so hard on yourself... You can't allow people's opinions, or jokes get the best of you, and most importantly you shouldn't dwell on comparing yourself to the people around you... Especially the ones on the Internet.. I try, and I'll definitely keep working on it. We all have little things we want to work on and there's no shame in it. 

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