Monday, January 5, 2015


What's better than candy?

A few goodies I had gotten for my birthday back in November.

TooFaced Chocolate Bar Palette
Buxom cosmetics lip gloss set 
Sugar factory lollipops in watermelon and pink lemonade xo

I'm so I obsessed with my Chocolate bar palette. It's the perfect day time to date night palette. Rich in pigment, long lasting on the lids, blendable, and my favorite part.. It smells like delicious chocolate. My eight year old sister got it for me. How sweet. 

The buxom glosses plumps the lips, gives beautiful color and lasts for hours. I personally love the tingling feeling it gives. If you don't like the feeling of cooling sensations, or feel as though your lips don't need plumping, this isn't for you. It also has was described as a cupcake scent to it. So yummy.

Last are my Sugar Factory lollipops. Bedazzled with jewels, yes theses lollipops are real. They're just real fancy. I dare not eat them because they are so pretty. Although, you can refill them. There will be new flavors launched soon and celebrity themed as well. Kylie and Kendall Jenner were two I can remember that will be getting lollipops just like their sister Kim did years ago.

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