Thursday, January 8, 2015

Milani lipsticks

So yes, I'm extremely late with the drug store brands. In all fairness I had a bad experience when I used to use the maybeline dream mousse foundation. I broke out on my cheeks! Yikes! So that turned me off to drug store makeup for a long time. The only things I liked were nyx lipsticks and glosses but at the time, it was only available at the hair stores... And trust me, you didn't want to get them from the ones I was went to! Yuckville, up until a new owner leased the location. And to kind of be fair to me, I started working at sephora and I didn't feel the need to buy anything except things from there and MAC. Sorry not sorry. I was a brand whore, not even going to lie about it. 

But on Black Friday, I noticed that a couple ladies had posted about a 50% off sale going on with Milani cosmetics. I'm not really sure why I decided to shop, maybe it was the late night shopping problem I have, or the fact that on my Instagram, it just so happened that on my explore page, there was a beautifully edited photo of a line of Milani lipsticks. I mean come on, after hearing about it from a few of my favorite makeup gurus, I decided "ehh what the hell" I bought 9 lipsticks. Yes, I'm OCD and I'm kicking my self in the ass for not picking a tenth on! Honestly I was torn between being cheap and trying to get the free shipping. 

Low and beyold I freaking love these lipsticks! Just like reviews have mentioned they smell amazing! Rich in pigment, affordable and wide range of colors. They've even released a matte collection I can't wait to try.  Here are my lovely swatches xox 

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