Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome Back 2014 and Fully ready xo

I have been probably hands down the worst blogger known to mankind. I have this nasty habit of falling off the face of the earth and not realizing it until "Oh hey I should put all my happiness, love of fashion, makeup and shopping some where to share with the world... oh yeah I have a blog." The last few recent weeks, I kept telling myself "I need to update and actually COMMIT to my blog" And here I am. I needed a fresh start I suppose. Something just put that fire under my butt... and I have my Instagram account to thank for that. I do have my Youtube account up and running. I'm excited to start posting videos. I'm no pro this is just something I love doing. Makeup to me is more than just glamor... its my own little way of letting of my wildest imaginations and dreams. I love it to bits. And fashion, I get a thrill out of setting a trend, or finding awesome deals on fashionable pieces. So I'm here to stay for realzies this time. I promise. xo Hope you stick around.

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