Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fresh Fall Start

So far school is slow, and the weather is still hot. Yet I'm still excited for the fall season. A few things to get you hyper and feeling refreshed for the fall season, is a deep cleaning.. of your house! Go ahead and start neatly organizing all of your summer and spring items, box them up and put them away until later. It allows you the chance to not only organize, but you'll be able to sort through all your goodies and see if you even need them anymore in the first place. So far I've packed some clothes that I can no longer fit to give to goodwill. After you clean out your closet and your house, you'll feel so much better knowing you have a clean start for the season! (And more room to shop) Go ahead and start buying those fall scented candles, it will add the cherry on top of an amazing fresh start to fall.

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