Sunday, April 6, 2014

Super Gorgeous April: skincare

Lately, I've noticed my skin has gotten a lot better now that I chose to use products that are more natural or as close to natural I can get.

I often get compliments on how soft and smooth my skin is, which of course I get super excited to share what I use whenever I'm asked. I love skin care beauty. Especially affordable, multitasking products.

 I have blemish, oily, acne prone skin. The last thing you want in your twenties. I found that the main ingredient in most acne treatments are salicylic acid and that's too harsh for me. Acne treatments can be so difficult to try out. It's frustrating buying a million things only to find it doesn't work or worse, causes a major freak out in your skin. I really wanted to try natural items before giving up and going back to my dermatologist. Although he grately saved my skin, I wanted to investigate some things on my own before paying for a new prescription. 

Boscia clear complexion cleanser has quickly become one of my favorite light, fresh, clean scented cleansers. It removes all the impurities in the skin, leaving it soft without drying. I often use this when I have mild breakouts and just want a refreshing cleanse. ( $26 at sephora or

Murad clarifying toner makes you feel refreshed. It tightens the pores and reduces shine. I normally use this after rinsing my face (after the official cleanser, I always rinse a second time with cold water) and then tone. You get a rush of cooling sensation. Please avoid eye area! ($22 at sephora) 

I ONLY use my Clarisonic once a week! Everyone's skin reacts to it different. Personally I've found that using it everyday and even every other day was too much for my skin. So I cut it down to see what happened and the results was much better. I normally just use my boscia with it. (Can purchase from sephora prices range from 125 to 299 depending on the make and promo. Can also get special deals on qvc)

Lushcosmetics has an amazing mud maks I'm obsessed with called Mask of Magnaminty, and so far it's my holy grail mask! I loved my glamglow but again the salicylic in the product eventually was too much for me as badly as I wanted to keep using it. Mask of magnaminty is not only a minty yummy scented mask, but once it's dried, it exfoliates also. I have no complaints at all! 

Last for my ance products I've come across African Black Soap. When I was younger it turned me off because to me at the time, it looked funny, smelled not like the typical teenage girl lollipop scents we loved and was a mommy favorite. Anything my mother loved and recommend, I would refuse to use! Why? I wasn't sure. I suppose it was the stubborn teenager phase I was going through. Never the less, upon reading reviews and editorials, one day I came across a favorite YouTube guru of mine (ulovemegz) and she mentioned the African black soap and how it cleared up her body acne! Still a little reluctant, I wanted to try murads acne solution product first. Did it clear up my skin in 72 hours? Nope! Did it break me up more? Yup! So I broke down and used my mothers African black soap for the next three days and guess what? 

My skin cleared up! My back cleared up my chest and slowly but surely my face! I found something that's been working and I'm thrilled! It's definitely drying, so in the morning I use my Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Booster and at night my Josie Maran light Argan oil. And I am so happy! You can get large containers of this soap at flee markets, African shops and organic shops as well. But African shops or flee markers sell it to you for cheap for a whole lot more product. 

For my body, Virgin Coconut Oil is my go to for everything. For my shaving, my hair, my moisturizer and makeup remover. It's my all time favorite. Coconut oil saved my hair the last two years and I'm hooked forever. I bought my coconut oil from the military commissary for 10 dollars and it lasted me a year and a half. You can find it a whole foods, in the organic cooking section and other places I'm sure. I'm telling you, best shave ever if you use it! Haha. 

I love me some Shea Butter! Amazing moisturizer and it's also nice to melt and combine with my coconut oil for hot oil treatments. My mother (although I hate admitting it to her) was definitely right about natural products. She bought the Shea butter in the picture above for 3.50 at our flee market. It feels so so soo good! And yes I stole it from her. 
The last item is my Algenist Eye Balm. It's 65 dollars I believe for the jar, but I got mine as a perk from Sephora and it's half the size of the full sized one! Can you say steal? I think so. I love it. It's the only eye cream/balm I've ever used DO what it says it does! 

And ladies and gents that is my April skin care faves. Again everyone has different skin. Some things may work and some may not. It's all trial and error. At the end of the day you are beautiful regardless. And all the matters is your happiness and what makes you comfortable in your skin. 

Love you darlings xo


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