Thursday, April 17, 2014

Late night thinking

Hello dolls... Sometimes, well truthfully.. all the time, I find my mind over thinks at night. Just laying here I find myself wondering: What is my purpose? Am I on the right path? I'm sure we all wonder this. When ever I'm not sure of myself, I take a deep breath and retrace how far I've come. Within just a year, I managed to move out of my mothers house, got a job at sephora (a makeup lovers dream) began networking for my freelance work, and my all time favorite, bought my first car.  It might not be a lot to others but it's all a big deal to me. So when I get sad I just remember how far I've come. 

I've grown as an artist. In makeup artistry and in art as a whole. 

I've learned to gain MORE patience and understanding. Having a roommate that is completely opposite of me and not so easy to live with, taught me that it's best to accept a person for who they are. Also to trust your instinct and heart. Forgive! It's very important to forgive or else it weighs heavy on your heart.

I learned that family and friendship is a pure bond that can never be broken. 

As most importantly, having God in my life, I am never alone. 

I need to remind myself I am blessed. Maybe not in wealth but in health and raw love of life. 

I'm happy for a chance to learn and flourish in my life. I'm not perfect but I'm okay with that. 

And I've learned that makeup makes me happy. Making other people feel beautiful is so joyful for me. I may not know where my life is heading but I'm blessed and look forward to seeing where God plans to help me go next. 
Live love life
Xoxo night dolls


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