Sunday, April 13, 2014

Imats NYC 2014

Omg it's all done and over with. Imats in New York was for sure busy. 

Driving from Maryland to New York was smooth sailing. Got to Pier 94 at 9:19 and stood in line. And good thing I got there when I did because it was already packed before I got there and only got more packed after! 

I decided this year I was going to map out all of the booths I wanted to shop. I made sure to hit all of the major booths on my personal list such as rcma, lady moss and velour lashes. I got super lucky! All the items I wanted were limited and with some stroke of a miracle I got everything I needed in time. It was AFTER I got what I wanted the madness started.

Nyx and Lime crime were so packed I ended up skipping lime crime and was in line for Nyx for about 30 minutes! It was complete madness! It wasn't very organized. You got a bucket to pick out what you wanted... Asking for help was difficult due to the other screaming girls in line. I ended up settling for what I picked out. Especially since I noticed that the discount wasn't as great as it was in LA. In fact, it was mentioned that to me by another girl that they marked the prices up intentionally. Which was pretty much why I didn't go nuts buying all that I really wanted. Honestly, if I had known, I would have just gave back what I picked out and had gotten something else at a different booth. I love nyx but I was pretty bummed out about the prices and how it was organized. Just my personal feelings.

Over all I had a good time. What makeup lover wouldn't have fun in a building filled with exciting fun people and tons of thing to play in?

I ended up with a good amount of things. I got to meet some of my favorite makeup artists and tv personalities so I'm super happy. 

Even stopped at a yummy retro burger and milkshake restaurant. It's always a must to do so much more than just imats when visiting New York. Best place for shopping and food. 



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