Saturday, June 20, 2015

Skin care: Nerium

So I was lucky enough to try out this Nerium line thanks to my friend Julius. These photos are not filtered at all. I wanted you to see my skin as raw and honest as possible. I wasn't to sure if this skin care would work for me. We've all heard it before, selling us dreams not results. This worked for me. It wasn't heavy, my pores shrunk, my blemished got smaller and fine lines I've noticed, were gone! 

It's easy to use, on cleansed skin apply am Nerium moisturizer. 

Same for night time, but it's better to exfoliate first, then apply night Nerium moisturizer. 

Granted this is more so for smoothing and evening out the skin, yet it still gave me some added goodness by making my blemishes looks smaller too!

It's worth a try! 


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