Friday, June 26, 2015

New Matte lips stains!

So joining in on the race to becoming the best new lip stain product comes ColourPop cosmetics! It's still a fairly new makeup line but it didn't take it long to become the makeup artist go to. 

(Photo credit: ColourPop Cosmetics)

ColourPop first began as an affordable,  cream based eye shadow brand. More product, amazing texture, high quality, LOW price!
Since it's launch, ColourPop has taken steps into launching more and more products, such as:

Lippie stix, and pencils
High lighters 
And now, most anticipated, ultra matte lip stains!

The chaos lasted literally HOURS! It didn't take long for makeup junkies to feel the itch, and go completely insane when the site began crashing and having tons of glitches. To add more rage, Youtubers and Instagram popular accounts were showing off swatches of the lip stains hours, even days before the launch. Freebies and luck for them, just adding craziness for us norms. 

While those lucky enough to have all 25 shades to post pictures, or videos, sharing their love of the new lip stains, many of us were wondering, "why the hell is this site not letting me update my cart?" Or "how can it be out of stock and I've been trying to add it for hours BEFORE it was gone!?" People were leaving angry remarks under ColorPop's photos asking questions and demanding answers. Many even threatening to never shop there again!

Here's the plus... It's a permanent line ladies and gents. It may be out of stock now, but it's not gone forever. So calm down! I won't lie, I too was annoyed and highly upset that I didn't get the shades I wanted and it literally took me until 4:00 am to finally get some. Never again will I shop during the hype. I can laugh it off but, to some of you die hard makeup junkies... Don't kill us please. 

I bought what was left and luckily it were a few I really wanted. And the runner ups. ColorPop even had a promo code, 5$ off to be exact. Hell that's a free product, or cheaper shipping for some. 

As crazy as it got for its launch, I want to congratulate ColourPop! In my book, I'd shop here forever, regardless of what I miss out on now and then. Why? They have wonderful customer service, personal even! Shipping is fair, prices are great, and who can say no to this fresh fun brand! I love them. Keep up the sick work ColourPop.

Keep calm... And ColourPop on every one! They are worth the money and wait!  



  1. Tell me about girl. I was like they are only $6 say what? I added 6 to my cart and forgot about them later in the day, checked back to day and they are all sold out. Guess I have to wait now, but that's great that it is a permanent line.
    <3 Rubyfabforless

    1. It was crazy, like MAC exclusive crazy. I wasn't going to stress it but then I kept seeing all the swatches and was like "alright alright I need at least ONE!" The site wouldn't let me update. Next thing I knew it was sold out lol! It's more of a rush to me lol like a game. It was kinda fun lol but others were out for blood 😳😳