Saturday, June 6, 2015

Naturals be like...

My go to hair care items:
Granted, being natural, you already know I have far more products. Every day is a new day to find and learn about new products. As of now here's what I'm using. Not including my oils.

Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave in Conditioner:
- I use this baby on damp hair after washing and conditioning. I often use it to refresh my hair as well. I started using this product years ago when I had decided I wanted to stop using perms on my hair. When you're going natural it's essentials to pay attention to your hairs needs. Personally, this was the boost my hair took in when my hair was growing. I guess along the years I fell off using it. Now that I'm trying to regain healthy growing hair I went back to what works for me. My curls love it. I literally use it just about everyday to refresh my curls. 

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil line: Though it smells like play doh, this is great for heat damaged hair! I'm guilty of the flat iron. I bounce back and forth between curly and straight hair. I've seen great results with this line. My hair becomes softer and gets its bounce back. The masque, and leave in are miracle workers when I abuse my hair. The shampoo isn't so bad, I'm just not over the moon in love with it like my conditioners. It's great to cleanse the scalp. 

Tresemm√© Smooth and Silky conditioner: I normally use an cheaper brand for my co-washing, or to make hair masks. Before being introduced to Shea Moisture or Carols Daughter, Tresemm√© has been my ride or die for conditioning. The bottle is massive and inexpensive. It's worth a try if you're looking for a decent and affordable conditioner you can use often. 

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