Monday, March 30, 2015

Just something new

It's been officially four weeks and I can say I've found me a new favorite foundation. 

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation: Pleasantly light weight, gives full coverage with very little needed to do so. Like most of Nars face/body products, this foundation blends well with just your finger tips. It's light to the touch, almost water like, slighty heavier. I have oily skin, and it doesn't give me a greasy look at all. The claims are that it's meant to allow you the appearance of natural skin and I can't say that it's wrong. This time around I feel like it was easier to find my shade and for the first time, I've actually found that this foundation doesn't oxidize on me. A huge plus! No more being orange by the end of the day.

 I set this foundation with my makeup forever HD setting powder, allowing my makeup to last much longer with no greasy, oil face. 

Verdict: winner. 
Can find at sephora,, Nar boutiques. 

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