Monday, January 12, 2015

Results: Nip and Fab, and Clarisonic

So if you haven't seen my previous posts, I mentioned that I was trying new products to help with my acne. 

The results...

Much better!

I'm pretty excited to have mild skin again. I can actually walk out of the house with confidence. 

I cleanse day and night with the cleanser by Nip+Fab (glycolic cleanser)

I also pair it now and then with the glycolic wipes. 

I used to use the Clarisonic every day but found I needed to take a break because my skin was becoming really dry. Other than that, now that I know how to use it properly for my skin, I love it. 

I moisturize with a homemade moisturizer that contains:
Coconut oil
Shea butter 
Mango butter 
Sweet almond 
And aloe Vera. 

I'm pretty excited with the results. 

I saw a difference within 2 weeks. 

3 days with the glycolic wipes. 

Just in case you need better views. Here's both left and right, before and after shots. After pictures were taken today earlier this morning. (Side note: I fell asleep on my bear that had a fragrance in it so it made my cheek itchy, so I scratched it. That's the only reason it's a little red and looks irritated. A few hours later it when away completely.) 

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