Sunday, January 11, 2015

Natural hair adventures: repairing

Okay okay, I admit it! Yes I'm natural. But my only crime is not being consistant with caring for my hair.

When I decided to allow my hair to be healthy and stay away from all damaging products, I did amazing! My hair loved me for it. It grew and grew and I must say, I was amazed. Had I known how much faster and happier my hair would have been without chemicals, I would have stopped sooner. 

I've fallen in love with oils, and masks, heat protection, wrapping my hair, all the natural girl needs. 

My favorite oils have been coconut oil, sweet almond, peppermint and tea tree. Even though tea tree stinks! Man does it stink! But it makes my hair happy. 

Lately I've been bad. I neglected my hair, but putting heat to it, and not wrapping it.. I know bad bad Stephanie. 

BUT I recently found these goodies at target 
I've used several things from shea moisture. Loved them all now that I've gotten the hang of them. (Being natural really is a learning process and it takes patience to learn what your hair needs) 

I knew it was time for extra loving whe I noticed my curls were becoming limp and noticeably heat damaged. 

My cure so far. These products. 
They were 10.99 each. Well worth it because there's tons of product in each container. Smells pretty decent, although it does give a play do' after scent. Never the less my hair is loving it! 

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